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is a dynamic, engaging and motivating keynote speaker. She designs and delivers speaking and breakout sessions that engage the audience from the time they walk into the room. She brings passion and heart to her sessions and is known for her authenticity.

She is well-known for facilitating large conferences, round table discussions and panel discussions as an MC/Chair.

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Upcoming Events

Theme: ‘Exceed Expectations’
March 18th, 19th and 20th 2019

As MC, Keynote Speaker and Facilitator join Angela for the 8th Women in Retail & FMCG Liquid Learning Leadership Summit held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Hear Angela facilitate: micro-sessions on Steering your Career and the importance of Goal Setting, How to stay motivated and fight burnout, and Driving innovation and Transformation.

Hear Angela interview Ross Sudano (CEO of The Reject Shop) and discover how Ross made it to the top and how he navigated his career challenges.

Join Angela on the 18th March 2019 for the pre-summit workshop to optimise your communication toolkit and explore:

  • Successful leadership communication
  • How to increase your influence at work
  • The neuroscience of Communication and the power of Whole Brain®Thinking
  • How to communicate with confidence, authority and promote yourself positively
Theme: ‘Legendary Leadership Lessons’
July 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2019

As MC, Keynote Speaker and Facilitator join Angela for the 25th Women in Leadership & Management Liquid Learning  Summit held in Melbourne.

Watch this space for exciting updates on Conference Celebrities attending this event and Guest Presenters.

Join Angela on the 22nd July 2018 for the pre-summit workshop to develop your Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is a top ten skill that has been identified by the ‘World Economic Forum’  from a new Forum report, ‘The Future of Jobs’ that looks at the employment, skills needed and workforce strategy for the future.  Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill needed in people for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2020


  • The neuroscience of emotions and how to increase your emotional and social intelligence.
  • Why Emotionally Intelligent Leaders outperform their peers.
  • Identify the events that can cause positive and negative decisions and behaviours in other.
  • How to facilitate more positive emotional experience in others
  • Mindfulness the Leadership game changer and the power of being present with your emotions and performance.
  • How to strengthen your resilience and resolve