Building Company Leaders

Available Programs

Building Leadership capability in alignment with your organisations’ strategic goals and objectives

SureTrac Consulting provides services for organisations in the format that best suits their needs. From large groups to one-on-one assessments, we develop training, workshops and testing to help you understand your employees and your workplace culture.







Leadership Programs:

Tailored Leadership Development Programs are designed using a neuroscience approach to enable leaders to challenge their thinking, understand themselves and improve their own approach to leadership.

Leaders learn how to lead in a changing environment, unlock the potential of their team, motivate, inspire and align their team to the organisations’ vision, mission, values and strategic direction.

Leadership for Managers:

Leading with Emotional Intelligence – Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence to help you understand and manage emotions in yourself and others and to make intelligent responses. Be aware of your emotions and understand how they impact the way you behave and relate to others.

Leading through times of Change and Uncertainty - A program designed to equip leaders with the necessary tools and techniques to implement change successfully. Understand change management and why it is important. Learn about the different stages of change, why people can be resistant to change and how to reduce this.

Leadership Essentials for Managers - There is a difference between being a leader and being a manager, however the best managers are also great leaders who inspire, motivate, engage others and connect people to the vision. Learn how great leaders use different leadership styles to get the best results from their team in different situations.



Team Programs:

Tailored Learning and Development Team Programs will improve communication, create a shared understanding among team members, build the emotional intelligence and resilience of the team and support behavioural change. Team members can be further supported with individual coaching to achieve their goals in alignment with the team goals.

Programs Include:

Executive Assistants Leadership Development programs – Designed to enhance the effectiveness of the EA team and further contribute to the productivity of their CEO/Managers.

Team Building Programs - Enhance communication and team effectiveness to deliver tangible results.

Customer Service Programs - Designed to foster a customer-centric culture, improve communication, and develop essential skills that winning teams employ.




Programs Include:

Personal Coaching – Individual development working one-on-one with a professional coach to achieve specific development goals. Each program is designed to explore your goals, understand your current reality, eliminate barriers, discover your strengths and undertake actions to achieve your goals.

Career Coaching - Angela’s career coaching will help you understand your unique strengths, develop clarity about your career direction, reconnect you with your purpose and help you transition between career phases.

Executive Coaching - Leadership coaching for those aspiring to take the next step in career development. This one-on-one development program clarifies goals, helps you gain greater self-awareness and unlocks your potential.